Hello, friends! I’m Bethany. I’m originally from Wisconsin. (Yes, cheese is incredibly important to me. No, I didn’t ride a cow to school.) I live in Manhattan with two kittens and five plants. I’m told by “doctors” that I should leave my apartment every once in awhile or this could turn into agoraphobia, but I doubt their credibility. What do doctors know anyway? I prefer to spend all of my time wearing black. Summertime? I use a parasol because I’m very very pale and very very afraid of the evil evil sun. My ideal date is finding myself in the middle of an abandoned 1800s mansion and only getting out via a series of clues. Does the gent wear a top hat? Even better. I like big words and bigger hearts. But not literally bigger hearts because that’s a medical problem and you should probably get that checked out

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Bonjour, kitty cats! I’m Kathleen, a Jersey girl living in a Pinterest world. I live in Hoboken, NJ with my husband and my cat, both of which I like to feed, pet and cuddle extensively! I worked in the fashion and magazine industries before landing in the weird, weird world and radio and podcasting. You can usually find me pretending to be Parisian, coveting celebrity style, traveling, #DIYing, devouring YA novels and logging in major TV time to feed my unhealthy small screen addiction. (Seriously, I’d rather watch TV than live my life.) Cheers, it’s time for my afternoon rosé! 

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HIIIIII!!!! I’m sorry, was that too loud? (Tires again) Hi! I’m Sam, and I am probably the most seemingly-caffeinated member of the group. With my disheveled dark/curly mop-top, I am often buzzing around/fidgeting with my seat. Not because I am discontent, but because I constantly have too many thoughts at once and they are fighting to get out.  I am a huge believer of active positive karma and am usually pretty excellent at looking on the bright side. Although I will admit, sometimes I need my 2 reality-check sisters to bring me back up. I try to put my physical energy into hot yoga and rock climbing (at a pro gym….not just, like, finding rocks outside and pouncing on them), I think they keep me sane. I LOVE classical music, which includes The Beatles, NSYNC’s first album, and several 90’s sitcom theme songs. I have a weird talent for quoting shows and movies, and will slide in a good “The Office” quote wherever I can fit it in… “that’s why she said.” Don’t feed me meat and don’t be an a-hole.  We’ll get along famously!

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